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High Quality Automatic Satellite Systems

Fully automatic motorhome satellite systems. Designed and manufactured in Italy, SR Mecatronic fully automatic satellite systems are among the most technologically advanced systems. Available with constant in house research and development. Ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation.

Designed specifically for ease of installation and operation. These motorhome satellite systems have a quiet, precise and reliable operation. Using powerful motors to drive bronze gear wheels ensuring accurate satellite location. All units have a long maintenance-free life.

Use a DVB-S2 MP4 Full HD Tuner for excellent reception and transmission speed. The electronics clearly inform the user of operation and any possible errors.

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Product Range

Designed specifically for the UK market. The models displayed all benefit from twin LNB and at least two satellite position memories as standard. With an option for a 15 satellite position upgrade. Operation and automatic updates are also available within IOS and Android app.

SR Mecatronic UK models offer a range of dish sizes. This ensures the best possible reception is received in your chosen location. Our 65cm systems are ideally suited for use across the whole of the UK and into France. The 85 and 90 cm versions give an extended reception even further into Europe. The ASR 900 Flat Skew, in conjunction with a satellite receiver, provides UK TV where many similar products would fail. Uniquely the ASR 680 (65cm) can be upgraded to an ASR 800 (85cm) simply and quickly with the purchase of our upgrade kit.

Astra SES S.A publish official footprint maps, displaying the available coverage for their satellites. SR Mecatronic systems use high quality LNBs, accurate positioning and Auto Skew.  The helps with signal reception. Geographic testing and customer feedback tell us that SR Mecatronic systems will perform outside of these footprints. Reception at the edge of the footprints and beyond can vary depending on many factors. This includes atmospheric conditions, time of day and size of the dish. And therefore cannot be accurately mapped.

Product Availability

SR Mecatronic satellite systems are among the most popular products of their type. This spreads across Europe and Australasia while quickly becoming equally established in the UK.

Indeed the aesthetics, reliability and quality of S R Mecatronic systems was immediately recognised by Auto-Sleeper. They offer the ASR 680 system as an option on all their 2019 models. Of course, the entire SR Mecatronic range is available through any of our authorised dealers. Contact us for a choice of suppliers nearest to you. Or opt for a mobile fit at a place and time most convenient to you.

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Product Warranty

Whoever you choose to fit your SR Mecatronic system you can rest assured that, with a failure rate below 1%, you will have many years of untroubled use from your investment.

However, accidents can happen and any moving parts can occasionally fail. The industry norm is to offer a “Back to Base” warranty which normally means a trip back to the company that installed your system. They will then remove it and send it back to the supplier who will repair your system and return it to your fitter. Obviously, this all takes time and money, as well as creating a lot of inconvenience for you.

The quality of the SR Mecatronic system is such that we offer a 3 year warranty with every system fitted by an authorised  SR Mecatronic agent. Should have any issues within your warranty period, please contact your original fitting agent for assistance and advice.

Of course, we also have SR Mecatronic dealers across the whole of Europe (CLICK HERE) to offer advice and assistance, should it be needed.